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Baths & Nails with Boarding
You can add a bath and/or nail trimming service to any dog boarding reservation at a discounted rate.  Prices range from $20-$100 depending on size, cooperation, and coat condition for bath with nail trim and $5-$10 for only nails. 

Dutch Lane Kennel Mercer, PA
Dirty Dog??

Grooming Services Now Available!!

Full Groom: Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, shave down, and sanitary trim
De-Shed:  Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, and nail trim
Outline Trim: Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, and trimming of the body's outline
Face Touch up: Includeds a trim of the face to clean up the eyes and muzzle 
Bath: Includes shampoo and coat conditioning, towel dry, and nail trim
Nail Trim: Includes nail trim and dremel (if cooperative)

Add-ons: Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning
Gland Expression

About Mikayla
Mikayla has a Biology degree from Penn State University and took particular interest in her animal behavioral classes.  She joined the Dutch Lane Kennel staff in 2020 and has become a huge asset to the business. Mikayla is confident and compassionate when working with all breeds of dogs, and she quickly puts them at ease.  She has successfully completed the 300-hour Professional Dog Styling program at Just Four Paws Academy of Pet Styling and is eager to now offer full service grooming options at Dutch Lane Kennel. 

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**Prices vary by service and depend upon the dog's size, cooperation, and coat condition**

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Grooming Appointments Are Required
And can be made directly with Mikayla by calling

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