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About Us

Dutch Lane Kennel has been family owned and operated for over 20 years.  Over the last 40 years, Ed and Julie Kelly have raised five kids and many more dogs and officially founded Dutch Lane Kennel in 2000.  

Daughter, Micah Wilpula marks the second generation for the family-run business and brought youth and excitement to the team in 2016 as she transitioned from a career as a Forensic Scientist in order to be closer to her family.  In 2022, Micah built and opened a brand new facility on the back side of the family farm.

Now located at 373 Holmes Rd, Dutch Lane Kennel is situated on a 200 acre farmstead which provides ample space for your dogs to run and play.  At Dutch Lane Kennel our pets are part of our family and are cared for with love and respect.  
Dutch Lane Kennel is-
Where Dogs can be Dogs!
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