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Boarding & Daycare


  • We offer daycare and over-night boarding accommodations for your pet in our spacious indoor/outdoor runs, as well as private indoor suites 

  • Large fenced-in yards for exercise and group play  

  • Dogs receive individual attention daily as well as individual or group outside play time as temperaments permit 

  • Cats are housed in their own area and have access to an indoor play room. 

  • Our facility maintains a comfortable temperature year round with in-floor heating and air conditioning

  • Our facility is sanitized daily with additional cleaning as needed

  • Pets can remain on their own food or enjoy the gluten free Victor brand dry dog food we provide

  • Feline boarders must come with their own food.  Litter is provided.

  • To reduce the risk of fleas/ticks as well as the safety concern of things being ripped up, personal bedding and plush toys are not permitted (mats/cots/blankets provided)

Standard Kennels 

Boarding is provided in our standard indoor/outdoor kennels which are ideal for the active/social dog.  The kennels have a private indoor eating/sleeping area.  Dog doors remain open during the day (with the exception of extreme weather conditions) to provide access to an individually kenneled outside space where they are able to see the other dogs.  The outside area is covered to protect from weather. Kennels are furnished with cots, blankets, and crate pads as tolerated by your pet. 

Small (4'x6' in + 4'x8' out), Medium (5'x6' in + 5'X8' out), and Large (6'x6' in + 6'x8' out) kennels are available to accommodate dogs of all sizes as well as allow dogs from the same family to be kenneled together.  

Group/individual yard time is offered throughout the day.*





Indoor Suites

Boarding is provided in our fulling indoor suites in an area of the facility that is separate from the indoor/outdoor kennels. Suites are ideal for older, smaller, and anxious dogs as they provide a more private and less stressful environment for your dog.  Additionally, the suites are more temperature controlled as they do not have dog doors which open to the outside air.  The suites are furnished with cots, blankets, and crate pads as tolerated by your pet.  

Small (4'x6'), Medium (5'x6'), and Large (6'x6') kennels are available to accommodate dogs of all sizes as well as allow dogs from the same family to be kenneled together.  

Group/individual yard time is offered throughout the day.*

*Note- Group play is encouraged for all boarders as it reduces anxiety in the kennel environment when your dog associates the other dogs with play time rather than a source of stress.  However, social privileges must be earned and dogs that are aggressive will not be granted group play time.  Play groups are supervised and are organized by compatibility (size, energy level, temperament) to ensure safety and to reduce stress. 

Cat Boarding

Cats are lodged in a cat-only area of the facility in individual catteries which provide separate living and litter spaces.  The catteries are furnished with litter boxes, perches, sleeping pads and toys.  

Cats are also offered access to the playroom which features perches, hammocks, scratching posts, and toys. 


  • All canine boarders are required to have proof of up-to-date vaccinations including:  RABIES, DISTEMPER COMBINATION, and BORDETELLA *Any new vaccinations must be given at least 1 week prior to boarding*

  • Puppies must have completed their first year's worth of vaccinations, including all boosters (~ 4 months of age)

  • All feline boarders are required to have proof of up-to date vaccinations including: RABIES and FVRCP

  • Please provide proof of vaccinations including RABIES CERTIFICATE (available from vet) prior to boarding           (via text, email or upload to gingr account)

  • PA law requires all dogs over 4 months of age to be licensed.  A lack of license will not prohibit your dog from boarding at our facility, however dog wardens make routine inspections and if your dog is not licensed you may be subject to fine.  You are welcome to provide us with proof of current license to keep on file, but it is not mandatory. 

  • Reservations are required for all daycare and boarding.  You can make your reservations online with gingr      Existing customers, please use the email address you provided us to login, update your profile, and make reservations.  You can also call or text Micah at 724-475-DOGS (3647) for reservations and information.


  • New legislature passed under the Dog Law Modernization Bill is effective January 21, 2024

  • All dogs and cats arriving from outside of PA must provide an interstate CVI prepared by an accredited veterinarian 

  • For specific CVI requirements please refer to pages  4 (cats) and 9 (dogs) on the USDA website

  • Dogs arriving from outside of PA are required to be isolated from the general kennel population during their stay (up to 14 days) to minimize the possibility of transmission of disease.  Please refer to the facility's state approved isolation plan 

What to bring?

  • Current vaccination records must be provided prior to boarding

  • Food/treats if maintaining current diet

  • Leash for drop-off and pick-up

  • Any required medications

       (additional charge may apply)

  • Safe toys are permitted (Nothing Plush!)

Dutch Lane Kennel Mercer, PA: Lola
Pick-up & Drop-off Hours
  • Morning hours are offered from                  8:00-10:00 Daily (Except Christmas)

  • Additional evening hours are offered      Monday through Friday from 4:00-6:00 (Excluding Holidays)

For special availability requests call or text Micah at 724-475-DOGS (3647).  After-hour accommodations are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and may be limited during summer season and holidays.  

We make every effort to accommodate special requests but please respect our hours.  A courtesy call is expected if your plans change. 

Dutch Lane Kennel Mercer, PA: Cats

DOG BOARDING            $26/full day*

~Discount for dogs sharing the same kennel~

  • 2 Dogs together         $44/full day 

  • 3 Dogs together         $63/full day 

  • 4 Dogs together         $80/full day

***(Add $4/dog/day for Indoor Suites)***

DAYCARE             $26/dog (Monday-Friday)

CAT BOARDING          $18/full day

  • 2 Cats                      $30/full day 

  • 3+ Cats                    $14/day/cat 

*Half day charge applied for partial days and after-hours drop off/ pick up

Rates Subject to Change Without Notice

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